I not can live quiet my flyers rejected but nothing help me.

Hi to all:

Please serious help me but I don’t want jake with me and I need approvech my sell, I have many time not sell.




my files .psd for check what is my wrong.


my skype: JeriThemes.


p.s: I have depression for not can work on envato.

please help me urgent

Learn to english. (I’m going to spam this to every topic you create)

Are you using a language translator? It doesn’t seem like it. And if so stop using it and find one that works, cause your question makes no sense.

If not selling on Envato is causing you depression, I suggest finding another way to make income. Many authors are experiencing a slump right now. Steady income is hard to find these days…

No use translator but I write my original english, I need learn more english and I am DEAF not write my language spanish neither I lack learn my grammar my language spanish, please see my ip and my id from my country I never spam. I say serious. NO JAKE.

Try to look for some other marketplaces to upload your works. You might have success somewhere else.

No because Envato is good marketplace I love it


I want you help me, how I can solution? it’s no optional thanks.

Ok, @JeriThemes, all designs are pretty basic, or lack details, and all have serious text issues, or it is hard to read, (with badly placed lighting, etc.

The last one, looks like the wooden board is hovering above the sand, it needs to realistically look like it is on the sand, and that takes time to get good at.

Or in other words, keep away from hard to do flyers.

I think that if you get the text right, you will have a better chance, and don’t do simple flyers in the hopes that you can do them quick enough, to make more money here.

It doesn’t really work like that here, but over time, you will pick up speed, and it will become more viable.

Good luck.


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@tmcom yes you have all right some my designs are basics but one my design flyer is approvech for sell (please see my portfolio) but I need more professional design for accepted sell :slight_smile:

Closed here forum, thanks for all for reply my forum :slight_smile:



@JeriThemes, ok, best to make the text more obvious and you will have better results.

PS. no need for a link, from what you have said, just make sure the text is easy to read, and you should see an improvement in results.

Or take a look at my ones, l tended to go overboard, to make sure that l had a high success rate.