I never thought that it would be possible for me ...

Level four appeared unexpectedly quickly. I did not think that it was possible for me at all. I make and spread only sounds …
The first month of sales brought me $ 4 and I was surprised that someone is willing to pay real money for 1 sound (* in our country, no one does it at all).
For a long time I laid out sounds from my personal record library, but a passion for creativity led me to create new sounds, which I myself am ready to use in my profession.
The turnaround occurred when we were all allowed to set prices independently. (Everything went uphill!)
My income is growing and I do what I love - it’s great!
I started to buy programs that help create new sounds (and I see that they will pay off quickly).
I am not a composer (I do not have a musical ear and music education), so I hope that I will not upset the author of music if I stay here for some time. :wink:
I am not very experienced seller and will be glad not only to your congratulations but also to your advice of successful sales.
Thanks for stopping by here!


I’m new, it’s not right for me to recommend. I can only congratulate you. :blush:

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thank you friend!

Hey! I’m considering joinging the bunch of sound effects sellers. I find envato market charges a lot for services they don’t really deliver, but that discussion aside, I wonder if it was worth the hassle of putting all my sounds to their format (in the sense of tags, catergories, making previews, baking in the watermark etc.). If I may ask so bluntly: how many items do you sell per months on average?

For 1000 sounds, I have 3,000 sales. This is very small. A lot of people do the same thing. The competition is strong. People from poor countries practice dumping. Over the summer, they have fallen off prices for the best-selling sounds. What I could sell for 5 is no longer for sale for 3 (they sell the same for 1 dollar).

I sell 150-200 sounds a month

I’m tired

I agree with volkovsound, the competition is getting stronger and stronger in the SFX world (here, but also pretty much everywhere). It’s still possible to sell some items regularly, but the most common sounds are already well covered in the Audiojungle library, so I guess it might be harder than by the past for a newcomer to join this place and make a big impact.

There’s no big money to make out of selling SFX here, but as a source of additional income, I think it’s still interesting. It all depends on your expectations.:slightly_smiling_face:

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All platforms like Envato switch to unlimited download by subscription. They don’t take me there (to the Audio Jungle). But, sales are falling, including for this reason: sounds began to be distributed free of charge for subscribers.

Thanks for your honesty!
Or are you just saying this to protect your own market :thinking:
Just kidding. I figured it wasn’t worth the efforts.

it’s my despair … you just touched a sore spot in my mind …
I had hopes for this business, but 2 years of hard work, and I still do not even have level 5 … this summer’s trends are a 30% drop in sales.
My friend is right - it only makes sense as extra income.

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has already



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Thank you friend!

Relative noob here. I started in January with this site, in hopes of making a little scratch on the side. The effort to record and edit, relative to the waiting period for review and the vague rejections turned me off the site after about a 4 month stint of trying. The complete lack of good communication and gatekeeping sort of sealed it.

The race to the bottom (with author pricing and spamming) and Envato’s business model don’t make this place a viable starting out point.

Way to go!

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congratulations! keep working, hard and good as till now… :smiley: :beer:

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" The King is Dead" - created the impression on me that it was written in the best traditions of Russian classical music (I understand that this is American music, an American tradition, and you are an American, but it seems to me that you have a Russian soul)
Thank you!

Thank you!