I never get advice for my hard rejection.

This is a bunch of logos that I submitted to this site. Are these really bad logos?

Just first impression, logo are cool, but without thinking on quick mode and fast eye …

first logo - too popular and not really good combinations with this buildings (this is not keeping a shape)

second logo - Too popular again, random shape, colors… like milions on the web.

third - Hippo is not mad, he looks like he’s yawn before he go sleep. Should be more aggressive, more expressive.

last logo - pretty messy… do not know what is this.

If you want get immediately aprroved logos do omething “WOW” and new, copying and refreshing other works won’t work.

Your work i good i like it, nut I told you my honest opinion what you should try to change… be brave and make something totally your, something expressive :slight_smile:

maybe you are good at vectors but you have bad period of time and have no good ideas? Happened to me too…

so let me give you an idea - make a logo where dog is chasing his own tail, do it nice and simple. And name this logo according to its symbol with dog… for example “Paranoid Studio” - :slight_smile: sound fresh, with logo like dog chasing his tail looks funny…

Use imagination :slight_smile: leave all the logos which are already on internet build new one ! :slight_smile:

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So this logo is like my second logo, and have a letter T on it and approved.
I just don’t understand how they reviewing items.

Maybe there are some technical issues with the files?