I need your suggestions for [Hard Reject]

Hi All :wave:

AJ Reviewer reject my song.
Can you listen my song and give any suggestion?
You can say what you think directly. Don’t worry this is not problem. I just want to my work become acceptable. Thank you.

Have a good day.

Stok Müzik 10 · Dynamic Romantic Ballad MP3

Hi Ulash

I am by no means any expert in terms of music production, but from my own experience with AudioJungle and taking into account my own tracks of what is being rejected and not rejected, this track has way too much of a “live” sound that doesn’t do well in library music. The solo from the guitar that keeps on going all the way through is too distracting and disturbing in terms of using this in a commercial setting.

The last part with the drum/guitar piece is also a bit confusing and the song is in my opinion too long! Work on doing shorter songs and stick to a theme without having too much solo instruments that is just free-jamming for a longer period of time.

Once I started thinking like the customer, it was easier for me to get tracks accepted :slight_smile:

Hope you can use the feedback. Good luck. (I like the chord progression).

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Thank you for feedback. All your opinion is valuable :white_check_mark:

I’ll think about all that topics. Thank you for good wishes. :slightly_smiling_face: