I need your opinion about my music

Hello! I need your honest opinion about my music. Tell me why my items are rejected.

Funk Main Prev: where is the rest of the track or was that it? No development, no arrangement and cycles around the same bass motif and nothing happens. This kind of thing can work but you need to add interest for it to work.

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Emotional Piano Prev: bad sound library and not emotive enough for this track to work.

I am not a reviewer and these are only my thoughts and opinions so it really does not matter.

Thank you so much, gballx! Your music is VERY good! Could you recommend me a good piano sound library?

Fracture Sounds “Woodchester Piano” or Midnight Grand" are both exceptional in my opinion.

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Hello Vincent Grim.

In Funk the bass intro can be ok but then it could be a good idea to layer the riff with guitars part and percussions every 4/8 bars. Also, put in your creations some verse/rit/bridge structure and don’t forget to put some rest bars. If you can, try not to do copy and paste and add some variations in the instruments lines.

Emotional piano needs some reverbs and delay to add atmosphere to the track. The piano sounds midi.

I hope this could be useful, don’t give up and go on in creations!!
Have a nice day

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@VincentGrim: my honest opinion is: it’s boring. The Funk Main Prev has nothing more, than an ever repeating bassline, a bassdrum, a clap and every ten seconds a short guitar riff. Absolutely no song evolving. As @gballx wrote: It could work, but not in this static state. No dynamic, no emotion.

The Emotional Piano has a simple four chord sequence. This could work in an arrangement with other instruments, but for a piano song it’s too boring and also static. And the same here. There is no emotion.

I would recommend to hear some piano and funk tracks from successful composers here, to compare it with your creation and getting a direction in arragment, sound (libraries) and mixing.

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