I need your help, please....Hard rejected SKETCH Template

Hi Authors,

My SKETCH template for a very specific niche (GYM) is rejected (first time was - soft rejected, now is hard rejected) and “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”

I don’t know why, I’m sad(

Maybe, I did not good readme.html file

I will be very grateful for any feedback and reviews from you so I can know what are the things I need to improve.

Also, I am interested in cooperation. I have a good design for events niche. Please, write me on
Here are pages -


the images are too small to examine, Please provide the link for your template.

Hello, thanks for you answer, I added links on full images (clickable)

Guys, any ideas? Please…

i checked your pictures and i’d say your site is good, but you could improve, colors And the fonts.
also in the clasInner.png the text in the header doesn’t contrast well with the background and you need to distinguish more between heading and subtext by changing the subtext color.
also some headings inside sections are not spaced out evenly, i can’t say if it has responsive issues or not, additionally the template could be rejected because of the code if it’s not good practice or validation errors.

SlieoBaghouri, thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s really important for me.

I will fix and do some change and I will do more better readme file - beletskyi.studio/readme/index.html

Because, I think a problem connect with readme file

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