I need your help. Hard rejection.

Friends, could you help me with your opinions? I would greatly appreciate your comments, I am very disoriented … Is everything wrong? Is it the composition, the mix, the master, the samples? Could you guys give me some guidance? Thank you very much!


Seems like to much info in the sensitive 250-270 hz area. Don’t know much about this kind of compositions though.

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All right! I’ll start revving mix and master! Thank you very much!

  1. To my mind strings sample is outdated
  2. Mix quality is not fine

Hope it help you. Good luck :slight_smile:

Maybe i’m wrong but my ideas are :

  1. Too many “running instrument” so it have been fighting each other.
  2. You can make it simpler for the customers.
  3. Please listen to some of best track here :

Many thanks! I always tend to complicate myself… Thank you for your time and your considerations!

Many thanks! I think I’ve ruined the sound with the equalization because the sample gallery is very current … Something I’m not doing well so that new galleries and faces sound bad … Thank you for your words. Can I ask which sample galleries you use?

I have followed your advice and now the track has been approved.

Thank you very much, my friends!

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