I need your feedback

I’m working on a beer menu flyer and I’d like to know is it ok to keep all elements for the customers I mean like to keep beers and all elements so when they will purchase they will find everything in the final PSD I just want to be sure before submitting and not to get any rejection :smiley:

hi well the concept looks very much like my item …

be sure 100% that I even didn’t see your item which is same like what I did :wink:

yes I guess but so … but sorry to correct u , this is the other way around lol what u did is a bit the same as I did lol as I did first lol

I can say that our mind met then :smiley: anyway what about my question do you know is it ok to keep all elements for customers ?

in response to the main question; If the main elements in the design (such as the beer glass) form the important lines of the design and are central, there may be cases where you are not allowed to add it to the final package. I think in this case the beer glass will not be accepted, they may ask you to remove it (although not certain). Because here, I think the composition is entirely based on the glass. I also think it could improve it a little bit more typographically. These are my opinions of course. have a nice day

Hello thank you for your feedback, Before If I was creating menu flyer I was keeping elements for customers and it was getting approval but it’s been a long time didn’t upload menu flyer so please if you are sure about this please share an Envato link saying this to be 100% clear and I’m also to be fully sure.

There are articles about it, but this is not a strictly separated subject. There may be a different situation in each template because (composition, etc.) If the only problem is that you include the image in the package, they ask you to remove the image with soft reject. And as I said, it’s not something I’m completely and fully sure about, just my personal opinion :slight_smile:

it got approved

great :slight_smile: good luck with sales