I need your feedback for my website template

Hi guys,

Could you please check my website and give me feedback. Before sending it for approval I would like to know what can I improve, do I have to change, to delete or add something to the website?

Your feedback will help me to make the product better.

The link: https://personal-portfolio-minified.vercel.app/

This is the first thing I see when opening the site. I’m guessing it’s not supposed to look like this.
Everything is misaligned, looks very empty, and the blue wavy part doesn’t line up with the top of the page.

Times New Roman is an outdated font, so you shouldn’t be using it in a modern web design.

The images in the portfolio section are stretched and blurry.

Having titles use two different colours subconsciously divides the words, this can be confusing to read. Especially “Testi Monials”.

You don’t need a title for every section. For example, I can tell that’s the “About Me” section because of the content there, you don’t need a title for it. In fact, I think everything in that section should be moved up to the top. You don’t have any navigation, so you don’t have to label everything like you would with separate pages.

Try not to use Lorem Ipsum too much, it makes the site look unfinished. You should try to come up with some copy that contextually fits where you’re putting it. This will not only make it look more finished, but it can help inspire buyers and give them a better idea of how they could use the template.

Overall this is far from ready. It’s way too empty, all of the text looks like an afterthought in terms of size, position, font, and colour, you have many alignment issues, and it all just looks very basic.

With respect this is way off the standards

There’s issues on mobile

Design basics throughout including spacing, typography, hierarchy etc all need a ton of work

The concept is too basic

Design quality is not there

Thanks for your feedback, please dont open it with Internet Explorer, with chrome, mozilla and edge should not look like in the picture, everything is well aligned and responsive I dont know why is like that. I will implement all your points.

Thanks for your feedback, I will read more about the standards and implement them in the website also I will try to change the concept :slightly_smiling_face:

That screenshot is using Chrome, I also used Firefox.

I understood, I think I know where is the problem, could you please tell me your screen resolution?

Could you please tell me what issues has on mobile?

the 4 tiles in the hero area do not cascade making them near on impossible to read

1440p and 4k

Thanks Jessica for your feedback, I almost left the website, now I will update it with all open points from your side. For sure it does not open well at xioxGraphix computer because the website is made to be responsive until screen resolution 1366.

“Jessica” is a spammer, you can completely ignore her “feedback”.

I am sorry but you are simply not ready to submit anything on ThemeForest yet. You need years of experience to get your skills on the required level. You can read all the tutorials or courses you want, but it won’t happen in a week nor a month. You need to practice through many, many projects till you get there. You can 100% scratch this one and start a new one and just try to do it better. You will get there sooner or later if you persist.