I need your advice, please: What are the reasons of rejecting this track?

I am a beginner at audiojungle and
in sound production too.
This is my first track, and please tell me its disadvantages on your opinion.

I´m not an expert in this style, but;

  • I think the intro is too long; i mean, a real change appear around 0:57.
  • You need to put something like a main melody in the front, i can hear there is something happening, but in the background.
  • And it is a very long track, it turns too monotonous.

Maybe somebody who works in this style can help you more.

You track doesnt follow the “rule” of the soundtracks that are sold in AJ (if you take a look they all kinda have the same pattern, usually no more than 2 minutes too). Maybe thats why it didnt got in!
by the way your track ends subtly like it wasnt finished!

Hi there,

First of all mix/master is not good at all. Drums are strange, they do not sound like hiphop or modern hiphop at all. Samples are outdated or not very well produced. Track need some melody in the front, or if you don’t have one play with those chords, sidechain, chopping etc.
Also work more on arrangement, track needs some development. Be careful on those endings.

I hope this was helpful to you,