I need you to activate my account because I pay a $ 200 item and I have a week without being able to access

Almost a week ago I bought an item with a value of $ 200 with my paypal account which is linked to an email that is overdue the payment was made correctly and immediately my account was blocked. I have contacted support to explain my situation I have changed the mail of PayPal, I have even sent screenshots of the account and photo of the card with which I paid the article. Even Godaddy sent them an email explaining that the domain is in auction and that in several days it will be in my account but that the auction time must pass. support just send me predesigned emails saying the same thing I don’t even know if there is real support or it is an automatic software but the support is very bad. I even asked paypal to pay me back and send them the case id so they could see that I have real access to the paypal account and to fix the problem. I hope that this way I can solve and that they can activate my account


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


I have opened more than 10 tickets and they are just sending me predesigned messages and to the ticket email I have sent more emails with captures and even godaddy and sent an email explaining the situation of the domain and nothing does not respond or give an answer on the case