I need urgent help!

Hello guys, my item is almost ready to be accepted here, it just needs a little modification, they asked to add “A work demonstration” which for me I understand is a live demonstration (A website) and when I went to edit, it just appears to load files, I appreciate your help. :smiley:


So I went to edit item, it is hidden, of course, but I want to know if it is a website or an “Optional Live Preview” I am happy for everyone’s help.

They area asking your submitting item demo file that area working well ?

So, this is what I want to understand, if they want a website with my service as a demonstration, or an “Optional Live Preview” with the documentation.

You have to provide 2 thing

  1. well working demo file(which file will downloaded by client and useable for his project) with documentation
  2. live demo link

So this is mandatory, since I saw several items in the codecanyon without the “Live Preview” button.

Yes it is mandatory.

Thank you, I will improve it now, thank you for your help, friend, I took all my doubts with you :slight_smile:

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