I need to update this website with a new theme

I am about to decide on updating the Theme for www.millport.org and need something that will take the Accommodation providers listings and present them in a more modern style. Also need very customizable front page. Ideally taking existing pages from the Templatic theme and importing the content to reduce the time taken to re-build each page.

It would be good if there could be a customizable version for smartphones rather than just a responsive version of the main site

Any suggestions welcomed.
Charles Kelly

Hello Charles,

If you put different look for mobile phones that will increase price of work.
This option with templatic will not work because templatic is using own builder and when you activate some other template you will get full page of shortcodes.
My advice is to make site on test server and when is all done migrate to your live domain.
I have made several directory sites . If you want I can send you links on private message.



Hello cpkelly,
Are you interested in converting your website into a one page model ?
if yes you can use this one : https://themeforest.net/item/salimo-creative-one-page-template/19128817

Hi @cpkelly

If you are looking out for a professional Developer to do it for you, reach out to us. We provide Web Development services through Envato Studio

Hi Bloompixelco

Thanks for the offer but I will be doing that myself.

Hi Zaccc
Yes, the Templatic template has worked well for several years but doesn’t allow me to tailor the mobile version. I’m lookig around for a template that might offer that function while offering me all that the curreent template does. That’s what I have done in the past - set it up as a test site and migraated once complete. Thanks for the response.

Thanks Celtano

I will take a look.

Hi Zaccc
Yes, please send me the links when you get a chace.