I need to understand why this html template has been rejected ?

I want to know the cause of the reject for this item:

Hi There:

  • Your design need add “container” of bootstrap 3 or 4

  • Need spacing top and bottom the section same size

  • I think that bad color yellow with orange but you can use color palette search google

  • Too big logos

  • Need improvement typography.

  • Remember you need valid w3c before of submit themeforest if error valid you can fix code HTML

You can practice more for approved themeforest.


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But I did use (container-fluid) for bootstrap,
and my code is w3c valid with no errors or warnings,
Can you please tell me what is the wrong with the current typography so I can correct them,

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You can use container-fluid but no all sections because see ugly.

Sorry I not know you check w3c.

Typography: you need same size all body for example p, h1, h2, h3 etc or change other name font.

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Same problem with me here is link our work.

This is my template: http://puffintheme.com/envanto/oculux/dark/