I need to tell this!



Dear awesome people of Envato,

First of all, thanks Envato, for featuring me on the front page. I was feeling depressed about the low ( I mean low! ) sales and I was thinking about how to deal with it. I am not sure if being featured will affect on sales too much, but it’s encouraging at least. That’s what I need in my new life.

My wife and I were unhappy in the big and crowded city that we were living in. We were unhappy about relations between people ( if there is some ), about the air we inhale, about… everything. Then 8 months ago, we decided to start a new life in a new place. We quit what we were doing, we took our two cats and left the city. In a new place which is 650 kilometers away, we rented a house with a garden. It was not being used for decades and the care it needs made us forget about other things and we found ourselves happier. Then our daughter Nil joined us. I wrote about this in the forums before… it was an amazing feel. Actually it still is.

There was a thread like " what would you do if you were not a musician " and I guess I said something like I would be involved in sports and food. Now I am teaching martial arts to people who needs it for free, sculpting cake toppers for my wife’s fondant cakes, additionally I am growing vegetables in our garden and became quite successful at it.

What I want to tell is, selling stock music online gave me the courage to do this. Selling online gave me the freedom to be in any place with internet connection. We are not earning much here, and my sales are not good as before but we are happy.

Finally, I want to share some photos with you :slight_smile:

The castle with a deadly dragon birthday cake that I made with my wife

A view from my little garden

…And for the ones who like martial arts. That’s what I do… Filipino Martial Arts. This shot was taken in our practice with my student almost a year ago. I was teaching so the moves are slow. Normally I am faster you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading friends. Hope this story gives a little inspiration to you to follow your dreams and be a happy person, so you can make others happy.



Very cool story! :+1: Congrats with featered! :v:


Congratulations on being featured! :smiley:


Cool story, thanks for sharing. Congrats!

It’s too quiet in this neighborhood! Who you gonna call? Noizman! :smiley::thumbsup:


@NoizMan congrats on being featured! As for mysalf I can tell you that featured author place give me the boost to my sales up to 40%. And that’s pretty good! I like your story, I’m very happy for you.


Haha… Indeed :smiley:


Fingers crossed. Thanks mate.


Thanks for sharing. This story has really brighten up my day. :slight_smile:


Lovely story, and cool cake!


Nice sharing and good luck in the future!


Very cool story! :+1: Congrats with featered!


Very nice story! Thanks for sharing it with us!:thumbsup:


Congratulations, @NoizMan.


Congratulations, @NoizMan.


Hahaha @NoizMan This is cool story :slight_smile: Cake is awesome)) Congratulations with featured author :slight_smile:I just a little envy :laughing: Good luck man :thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing!!! Good luck in your new life :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this story with us, @NoizMan! That cake looks lovely, and so does your garden! Good luck with your future pursuits! :slight_smile:


You really struck a cord with me @NoizMan. I am as well tired of living in a midst of all the pollution, and so little greenery… Wise move.

Best wishes with your sales too!


Sales are not affected much with the feature but I would love to give some little tricks if you decide growing your own vegetables one day :slight_smile:


When at times I start feeling that the Envato market has lost its sparkle and is no longer author community friendly, Random souls like you come up with great things to share which makes things brighten up and realize that this is a wonderful community to be with even if sales sucks!!. Have a Great Day…