I need to know your opinion before I download the logo

I hope the criticism is positive, because I am a beginner in that field, but I love this field very much and I want to learn a lot about it

You intend to upload this to GraphicRiver? It’s definitely not ready. With respect, since you’re a beginner you shouldn’t be trying to upload items for sale on a marketplace such as this. You need a lot of practice and should be on a professional level before selling on a professional site.

You can still show your work here and get some input, but only for practice.


hi indeed, there is much to say about this item … first of all , this is even hard to understand what this is supposed to be all about and which category this is meant to belong to. I would guess that u intended to create a logo as this is incomplete a vector but even if i am right then there os a major trouble , this is that u have no text in the first place, so that this is cannot be considered as a logo … in addition, u have obvious issues of execution as far as the mane is concerned, the very uneven aspect maybe good an idea but the it comes to the execution this is the complete other way around indeed. IN addition, the intersections where u take out some shapes (ear and neck) are too thin so that it does not look good indeed. The preview is far from being sexy and using mockup would give more an illusion of something professional, at least through the presentation , at this stage for u. This is also too raw to have the thing only in black and white , this gives people the feeling of a rough of a project rather than any other thing