I need to know about Stock Footage ???


In terms of the different elements have taken a videou …
Stock Footage individual , or do I need to send mass m ?


Can you please type larger i can’t see clearly


What ?
I did not understand…

I’m sorry … I do not have very good english…

Methinks … the font … Do not you mean the font was too big?


Hey! About help me Stock Footage ?


I don’t understand what you mean, could you please be a little bit more clear? what is your question about exactly? and what do you want to know?


Thank you. I have a few video …

Do I have to send you one by one ? Or if a file? For Stock Footage…Meanwhile, the whole video in different angles of a burning barrel …


I bought 15 dollar, and but dollar had purchased?!

Sorry, couldn’t resist! I think you’re saying if you have a bunch of similar videos, should you upload them as individual clips, or should you cobble them together as a bundle?

In my opinion, it depends on the quality and usability of the clips. If it’s something that somebody is unlikely to need again, like a burning barrel as a random example, then people maybe aren’t going to want to buy a whole bunch of them… as they may never need to use them again. If it’s business people shaking hands, then they could come in handy in the future, so a bundle would be more appealing. At the end of the day, it’s up to you.


OH. very thank you… my friend… http://prntscr.com/95euxh you can examine…
This is not my first work . I’m trying to learn how items will be sent …

Waiting for their views.




In the first stage money is not important for me.

So after to effetct …

Need to pay attention to what the most important ?