I need to fix a null wordpress theme on my website

I am new to web design, however the attitude of a designer got me to take over my website. After paying the designer for the theme, he apparently used a null version of the theme for my site. Now that i have discovered, I want to pay for the theme again so I can have a clean site. What do I have to do?

I would suggest wiping it all and starting again

If they used a null or ripped theme then it could include malware of other unwanted scripts that could go deeper than just changing or updating the theme.

the safest option is to write off WP and reinstall a fresh copy and legit theme (as well as adding proper security plugins etc.)

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Does that mean I loose every post ever made?

It’s your gamble.

You can just buy a copy of the theme and install that. However this may not address any custom work done on the current version and may not resolve potentially unwanted malware etc.

the only wat to absolutely sure of the safety of your site is to delete everything and start over

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Thank you…I will have to PRAY about this…Hahahahahah…Tough decision tho