I need to be able to listen to a track on [Soft Disabled] status

Dear Audiojunglers
Recently I had a logo tune approved on AudioJungle, The item’s status is at soft disabled because I had forgotten to put the audiojungle watermark. The problem is that since this is a series of logos ( logo 1 , logo 2 etc ) I always delete the files when I upload them on AudioJungle and now I need to be able to listen to it in order to extract the exact same part of the melody.
I was adviced to download the zip file and when I click I get that message "AccessDeniedAccess Denied4M7F7XDJEXD9D0V9a69D8jG8MMu8+LfsIz1cOHSn34WkNmNT8v/eaMaFC1bpkY68g041ApIL6hz/ZwOFyG2DUFnU8pU= " . The player is disabled! Could someone help me on that ?

Thank you in advance

What?! Why? Don’t mean to be offensive, but this sounds crazy to me.

I guess your best bet is to contact either support or the review team (by updating the item with a comment), so that you may somehow regain access to it.

Hello PurpleFog
In this particular situation, all logos are small pieces from a song and since there is no history from the rejected files, I wouldn’t want to re-upload a rejected logo! But lesson rearmed and from this day forward I will just move them to a different folder. I haven’t thought that this would ever happen :frowning:
I have already done what you advised and the kind author advised to contact support! I have done but still no answer from them

Yes, it may take some time before you hear back from support. Could you identify the part of the song by visually comparing the waveform, by any chance? If that’s not an option, I guess you’ll have to be patient :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Thank you very much for your wishes and for being kind to reply ! Its impossible to identify from the waveform! There are parts that are really alike but different notes at the same hits so… impossible !