I need this sound effect

I’d like to know if someone or any website, free or paid, has the sound effect above.

It is used on a brazilian radio network on soccer broadcasts, every 5 minutes this SFX is played.

I’ll be so glad if you could help me.

Listen it on the 5th second of this record: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0CjpbEhv6r2

Hi @alissonpc
You can search on audiojungle for example named “8 bit sound effects”.
Good luck in finding :slight_smile:

Thanks for this hint.
So much SFX… I don’t know how to search but i’m trying to.
Please if you listen this SFX somewhere let me know. =)


Try listening to these tracks.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for this attempt to give me a similar look, but unfortunatelly no one of them are the one i’m looking, as the recod.
I’ll keep here and keep looking. =)

Ok, Thank you for being listened to my tracks )

I’m keep looking and needing it, if anyone could help please reply =)

You can chose some Sound FXs here:

  1. Transition Rise
  2. Electro Wash FX
  3. Matrix Rise
  4. Future Rise FX
  5. Deep Boom
  6. Tinsel Rise FX

Hope you ENJOY! :wink: Good luck !

Thank you for your attempt to help.
Two effects you have are interesting but not the one i’m looking.

And… I think i’ll not find it, only similar. I think the radio station made it on studio and only the radio station have it. No outside font. :pensive:

But thank you all for the help. I’ll keep this for, who know, someday I can find it.

Again, thank you Asadli_Pro for the suggestions.

Hello Check my profile! I have 8 bit sounds!)))