I need this music please!


Hello, I’m looking for the music that plays in the beginning of the video.

Do you know what track is? Thanks! I tested Soundizer but doesn’t detect.


hi , sorry but what is the track in particular that u need ? and don’t u think that maybe trying to contact the guy who edited the video would have been a goo way for you to collect the information regarding the track?


I already aksed, he have 1 million subscribers, he can"t reply. And also, I talk about the music in the background that you can hear in the start of the video.


I’m not sure but It’s looks like soundroll music styles, maybe you can check it out


I suggest you to take the part of the track and upload it to www.soundizer.com and search by uploaded sample…That’s currently the only way you can find out what is the track you are searching for.
If you can take the best “clean” part, maybe it can find it


You can hear the music more clearly at 1:22, I tested Soundizer but nothing, normally it can find a music in the background.


if u could make sure that theres’ no specific right on the track, u could chose to record it with an application dedicated to this kind of purpose, but u can’t … so that’s hard to really help you in this case …


I really need it, please!! I llooked soundroll and it sounds like but no.