I need this feature in a website.

Hello there!
I am making a WordPress Ecommerce website for a client and I’m using WooCommerce, everything is good so far but I need 2 features to be added and cant find the right plugin or any help regarding my issue:

  1. I want the customer to have a Barcode scanner button on the website, and when he clicks it the camera should open, the customer scans the barcode of a product he already owns (most likely grocery products) and then it will automatically search for the SKU (Barcode) and show the customer the product inside the website.

  2. I want the customer to have a camera button that he can snap a picture and search for the product by the picture he scanned or captured with his camera (the customer will have the item physically and when capturing it, the system will scan the product image and show him the product page on the website).


I assume this is only meant to work on mobile?

There is specialist technology that can do this, but you are not going to find this on, or anywhere near a stock marketplace.

110% that project is going to need custom building and by someone who knows what they are doing.

If you have a realistic budget then you could see if there is someone on www.studio.envato.com who might be able to assist but personally, I would advise that you seek out a reputable agency to take that on.