I need the theme like www.yachtlife.club



Currently I am working on my client’s project. My client want a site similar to www.yachtlife.club

So I am searching for a WordPress theme like this. I don’t need the same layout or styling but the theme must have a decent search system like this and booking system too.

That’s all I need. Please recommend me some good WordPress themes.


Have you checked the Listing category? I’m not sure you’d be able to find a solution is ready to install but can be performed with few additional changes ( e.g theme customization/ additional plugin installation )


Friendly Reply:
Do not get projects, that you do not know how to finalize them or before you do enough research :wink:


I know how to finalize them I just asked for help coz if can someone inform me about a good theme … Asking for help doesn’t mean a man do not know how to reach the goal of his project … If it was then there was no forum in the whole world … Forums were created for discussion and help right ?


Are you offering me you will do the project for me ?


I could perform the changes and make it ready your website, if you’re interested in as well