I need the person(s) who made the Smart Times script to get in touch with me.

I have some experience in WP and PHP but I am too old and tried. I will pay to get the www.clickromania.co.uk done properly and move on with different projects.

Also, I am looking for a host that I can use for the next 20 years. With Namesco I’ve been since 2004 but I’m not happy with them and SiteGround is not looking good either.

Anton Martin

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You are better off contacting the author via their profile (login and use the form bottom right of their page)

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FYI siteground host as is WP Engine - do NOT purchase hosting via any packages people may offer you on forums

Thank you, I know it sounds silly, but I didn’t get any sleep, can you give me the link if you don’t mind?


What’s the item link? I don’t see anything by that name?

Smart Times, Theme Forest

This doesn’t give any item with that name - need the actual item url link please

Authors profile ThemeSphere's profile on ThemeForest

Form is bottom right hand side (assuming you are logged on)

I can’t login.

Thank you

What happens when you try? Have you tried resetting password? Of you can login here then it should be fine

I have no idea what happened. I reckon the host is messed up and I am embarrassed to ask for help again even if I paid for it. I need to learn ?

Can you not login to themeforest? It’s odd that you are able to access here if you can’t get in there.

That’s all you need to ask the questions to the author

They also have item support here but you will still need to get into themeforest to register ThemeSphere

No idea. Pau helped me few times.