I need support for Layer slider and single slider with 4 columns

I already created a theme forest website for my client (www.contelle.de) and need support for two problems we have:

  1. at the Start page i create a single slider with the logos. We like to show 4 logos next to each other. For the reason i did not find a way to create ONE slider with 4 columns (which do not scale the images in a undefined way), 1 create 4 sliders, each 1/4 content width. It works fine on all desktop screens, but if you go with tablets or mobiles each of the slider is scaled in full width and is shown one under the other, which does look awful! How do I create the slider in a correct way, that the theme does not scale the logo-images in its own way and that the page break on smaller screens also holds the four images next to each other?
  2. I used a layer-slider for a few pages (f.e. http://www.contelle.de/trainings/inhouse-telefontraining), which always show a claim (text) on a small red background (picture). On smaller screens Enfold scales text and picture in a different way, so the result is, that sometimes, the text is no longer in the center of the red background. Is there a possibility to connect the two layers with each other to prevent this?

Thanks for giving me help with theses two things!

Greetings from the North


Hi @maryWu,

Any problems and questions regarding Enfold theme should be asked on theme page/contact form directly:

I’m also gonna tag @Kriesi, author of this theme :slight_smile:


thx lucalogos, i posted it also at kris.at…hope i get an answer, cause kriesis latest support ist 4 months ago…

If you have purchased this theme more than 6 months ago, your support period may be over. I suggest checking it out and extending if needed:

@Kriesi seem to answer any support queries on hourly/daily basis.


This sounds like customisation?

If it is not a default element in the theme then the author may not be able to support it.

If that is the case you can always find a freelancer to help on www.studio.envato.com

THX @charlie8242!
I’ll Do that, when back from vacation :blush: