I need someone to creat a freelance project

I have to create a presentation with a little flare to it. I reviewed envato opening i like but now i need to gt the project to include a PowePoint and ending. Help!

Hi @ddpeeples1! If you’re looking for PowerPoint customisation, our freelancer marketplace (Envato Studio) should be able to help you out:



Hi @ddpeeples1

I am available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me via my profile page.


I am available to help you out with my freelance services.
Feel free to contact me anytime via my business profile.

I believe the project is simple. I purchased a cinematic opening that I would like to use and a closing. In the middle is a PowerPoint and I don’t’ know how to make the cinematic opening blend into the PowerPoint and how to make the PowerPoint blend into the closing; how to insert pictures or video into the opening. So the question is; can you do it, how much will it cost and how long will it take?


You would probably have 2 options depending on how you plan to use it:

  1. create the intro and outro as mp4 files and then add these to the start and end slides of the PowerPoint presentation. This would allow you to use it like a presentation.

  2. build the PowerPoint and export that as an mp4 and load this between the intro and outro clips using after effects or a video editor. This would leave you with a single video file rather than a presentation

Neither is particularly complicated and it will just come down to how you plan to use/present the end product

I recently purchased the Adobe suite and haven master it yet. How long would a project like this take and average cost

It really depends on:

  • which version/route you want?

  • how you plan to use the end product eg can or be a video or does it need be a clicked presentation?

  • is the intro/outro done or does that need to be edited and built first?

  • is the PowerPoint ready to go or does it need more building?