I need some followers:)

Hey Envato community!
I am new to this site, I was wondering how you gain followers? I have sold 200 dollars worth of sales since I joined a month or two ago, which is great, but I haven’t got much success gaining followers.

I don’t think it matters…

But if you really want to have followers, just follow a lot of random users and they will follow back.

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Why do you need it?
Just have a chat here on this forum with authors if you want to hang out with people

Followers give nothing at least you have potential buyers as followers but you can’t gain them here.

Man, I’m one more guy to make you happy… I’M YOUR FUKIN FOLLOWER from now on! :smiley:

EDIT: It was not easy to follow you, let me tell you… I had to search for you name on the jungle, that’s not nice ma man!