I need some feedback

Hey, i just had this project hard rejected, and I genuinely don’t know whats about it that doesn’t meet “Quality standards”, plz help :smile:

I think they rejected it because of tons similar projects on VH. And this one isn’t better then others - it’s not unique enough

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It’s okay, but as I just wrote to another author who had their project rejected, minimalism is one of the hardest things to do well. Every aspect, every element has to be absolutely bang on.

I don’t feel that’s the case here. There’s not much of a concept, there’s no build - it’s basically just a repetition of the same transition over and again, and from a motion design point of view, it’s okay, but it’s not bang-on in the way minimalism needs to be.

I’d give you the same advice as I did the other guy. Initially, work on something with a stronger, more ‘out there’ concept. Maybe return to minimalism in a few years when you’ve gained some more experience.

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Thank you for response, appreciate it :slight_smile: