I need some feedback about HTML Theme

I am currently working on HTML theme, it is still under development. Here are some demo links, checkout and i would love your suggestions about typography, design or any thing you think needs improvements.




  1. Slider arrows cutted
  2. Too small padding on post excerpt box
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@ThePixor Thanks for pointing out the issues, i have fixed the pointed issues. Any views about over all design and typography?

@charlie4282 @icodeapps @Maxdp waiting for your suggestions and tips :slight_smile:

  • You are going to have to come up with something v special to compete in this space

  • Typography needs work - line height is too much, widget copy is a bit small etc.

  • The FB widget needs to be taller

  • Posts needs to space more and variations on home page layout

  • Titles on main slider need work

  • Sidebar social icons are a bit small

  • On mobile the scroll needs attention

Thanks for the great tips and suggestions, i would be very happy if you elaborate this point please “You are going to have to come up with something v special to compete in this space”.


I mean that this style has been very very overdone.

It’s not to mean you won’t be approved but it will need to be flawless and have something unique to set it apart.

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I will add more homepage layouts soon. Thanks for the help, you are awesome @charlie4282 !

I have to agree with the feedback that @charlie4282 provided.

Try to work on typography, padding and add some unique layouts to your template. Work on small details and check the current category you are competing to get an idea of what’s trending to improve and create new features.

  • Stergos
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Thanks @Maxdp i am working on more homepage layouts, soon i will share the final product.