I need some advice for my hard-rejected shopify theme

Hello Evato forum!
I’m still new to this market and i’m planing to sell my themes to ThemeForest. I tried so hard to finish my first developed theme, but unfortunately my theme has been hard-rejected. As far as I know, the theme which has been hard-rejected can not re-submit for various reason. And I even don’t know what standard the reviewer looking for in my theme. I know that i’m newbie here so the mistakes could not be avoided. So I need some advice from experts here to improve my product quality.
Here is my demo shopify theme:


The back-end is pretty well functioned with Shopify V2.0, i’m not use old storefront settings anymore.

And yes, there were some mistakes with my demo, an obvious space on footer or few unbalanced margin which can be easily fixed. Any advice please?

I hope you don’t mean that you’re learning to code by trying to sell items here.

The demo looks messy, it misses consistency. While navigation looks clean and nice, the slider doesn’t.

For demo I would use slider images with a little less detail and I wouldn’t put one text over another because for some people it may just look like a glitch.

The testimonials font (“We travel the world (…)”) with the orange shadow makes me want to poke my eyes. The font alone is pretty, but it doesn’t match here.

Pictures used in your demo don’t have a decent quality and the brand section have blurry images.
I personally don’t buy themes or even download free ones if they don’t have an appealing demo.

Like I said, if you go for contemporary design - do it, more elegant - do it, but stick to one and don’t mix too much together because now it looks messy for me.

Anyways - good luck on your next theme :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your advice. So the main problem here is the design not really good, I will take note all of your comments. A lot of thanks again, ALdesigns :slight_smile:

Just stick to one style and don’t mix different ones, because it may look weird in the final product :slight_smile:
Also I noticed, that after I hover over the ‘Blog’ in the navigation and the drop down menu appears, then the ‘Another example’ and ‘Another example 2’ glitches on hover (don’t know how to describe that better :smiley: )

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Yeah, i noticed that too. it looks weird because the text has been dropped to another line

I can only view it on a phone for now but there are some glaring issues even on small screens. Some of these may not be an issue on desktop but still need to be fixed:

  • generally if feels very inconsistent, unfinished and there are some fundamental errors with the basics

  • I agree with @ALdesigns there’s quite a bit of inconsistency which feels like mixing different designs. Is this all original or is it based on another theme or framework?

  • various errors throughout with typography, margins, padding etc.

  • the “chairs” category have (only a few) products in it but it seems like the beds etc. one is empty?

  • incomplete shopping categories, dead links in nav e.g. About, affiliates, jobs etc is just lazy and makes it feel very unfinished

  • (again maybe just mobile) various images appear stretched and pixelated.

  • not sure what they are meant to be but “lookbook” and “interior design” opens what feels like a blog and a page with the main menu and categories all expanded.

With respect if there are “some mistakes” then why not fix these before submission?? If you know there are problems no matter how trivial or minor then it appears very lazy and you know it won’t be approved which means you are wasting both your own and the reviewer’s time.


Thank you for your opinion, @charlie4282. This is very useful. I know that i’m not enough experience, so I will try to make my theme better next time. :blush: