I need second eye on my theme before submit

I have spend some time working on this item, It was soft rejected 2 times for the same reasons so I don’t want risk it, I hope my pro mates could take a look at let me know

From what I see, this is far better than the majority of rejected themes that come through here. I can’t find any obvious flaws except for one small thing in the mobile version. On mobile there looks like half of a red outlined box around some of the titles and icons.

Other than that the design looks good, and it all works as I would expect it to.

Though are you able to say why someone should buy this over one of the other blog templates? What does this offer that others don’t? What sets it apart?

It’s always nice to have a second eye regardless the quality of your item, Thank you so much for the feedback, I will work on those problems.

This is personal & lifestyle Gutenberg based theme and there is few items on the market for this type of niche, This is screen from the description page please check it and let me know what do you think Bastet-Persona — ImgBB

Article author name and article date are not vertically aligned, you can see that even on screenshots shared by @XioxGraphix.

Post title hover effect on the posts in the top slider should not be just the dark title, it becomes unreadable. Underlining the text or something like that would make more sense there.

Try to add more varied copy for your post excerpts/content, not just “Nunc at enim posuere…” everywhere, it looks lazy.

The way the header shows/hides on scroll on MacOS Safari is broken, hard to explain, you need to check it yourself. Even on Firefox it acts kinda buggy, like the whole page jumps in a weird way when the header is toggling. This definitely needs more work.

You should share the reasons for the soft reject.

Thank you everyone, I have fixed the mentioned problems and I submitted the item, Hope it goes well.