I need permission author...

I already purchase “MelonHTML5 - Sliding Menu” with license extended on codecanyon but I already comment a message for permission i make html on themeforest but not reply, what happened author? please help me many thanks, regards.



Hello ! How much time has passed (3 hours very little)? Maybe the author did not have time to see your message?

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Yes but this item html5 is old years 2013 maybe author not connect this year :frowning:

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Wait for the answer from the author, if within 3 days he does not answer, then write in support of Envato. Was the author online long ago? Has he long loaded new items? Look, perhaps the author appears rarely there, then immediately write in support of Envato.

Thanks but your author upload your other item last 2015, https://codecanyon.net/user/melonhtml5/portfolio

His latest uploads were very long (most likely he did not visit his account and messages for a long time), most likely he does not hear you, write immediately in support of Envato. I hope they solve this issue.
Good luck! :wink:

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Many thanks, I wait 3 days if not reply I will make ticket envato many thanks.

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I checked his last visit on the forum, it was also March 22, 2016. The author does not visit the site for a long time (3 years).

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I think that author that I purchase item not connecting because last forums 22 march 2016, how I can do? make please help me, I want send a support ticket

You should contact the author BEFORE you buy a license if you want to obtain his permissions for whatever.

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Sorry I error, what I can solution?


I think you can open a Support Ticket and let them know.


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Many thanks I will open support envato and I hope support help me regards.

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Where lists for ticket support? for problem author not connecting envato I purchase this plugin but not reply 5 days ago. Please help me thanks.

Please help me, where choose of list “hi, what can we help you with?”

nothing help me :frowning:

Hello @JeriTeam,

I think you do not need to ask for permission cause you have purchase Extended license.
If that author ask you any question about that you send him your purchase key.

Or If he don’t want to give you permission for using that plugin then ask him refund or Open a Envato Author Help Ticket they will help you out from your issue.

If that author don’t want to give you permission or send you copyright then that author have no rights to sell extended license!!


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A ask, If I submit themeforest my design plugin no need permission when I use license key?

for bundle plugin no need to provide purchase key because bundle plugin don’t have purchase code. You can contact support bu choosing ‘Something I have purchased’ hope they will guide you more. Thanks

If author ask for that then you will reply with license key

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