I need my purchase code


I purchased the item five days ago.

The charges have been deducted, and the file has been downloaded.

I need to enter the purchase code in order to use the item, but it does not appear in my downloads section.

I tried to contact support, but there has been no response to my ticket for the past four days.

It’s an urgent matter. Please advise.


Check this

Remember: Each single item for each domain one license for one website.

hope helped!

Not at all.

I read all of the articles and watched all of the videos. But none of them were useful because no items appeared in my downloads.

It was my first purchase from this platform, and the experience was negative.

Why does the support department take days to respond?

It’s been over 5 days now.

Did you download it from enavto elements ?

I just discovered it has been downloaded from this link Buy Plugins & Code from CodeCanyon

The issue has been resolved, thanks for the guide.