I need my invoice to be remade


I need my invoice to be remade. I just added my EU VAT Code, and the invoice does not contain that EU VAT Code, and I need it in my accounting department. Can someone help me with this issue?

Thanks in advace,

Hey @AlexanderSlash please kindly open a ticket so our team can assist you. You can do that via this form. Thanks!

You need to contact support Envato Help & Support Center

That said I am pretty sure that invoices or other statements can’t be altered retrospectively

I am pretty sure they can be altered, thanks.

I’d agree with that. There’s nothing get to say you had a VAT number when you made the purchase, and as a result, you wouldn’t be entitled to the benefits. Sure, you could send in proof and the like, but it’s probably more trouble than its worth. You have to add the VAT number to get the VAT invoice, and unfortunately you didn’t. But still, see what support say… fingers crossed!

I know that if you fail to submit tax info when starting out as an author and are hit with the full withholding amount - when you then apply the info at a later date, then the documents don’t change and the amount already taken is not retrospectively refunded, for this very reason.

@AlexanderSlash support are the only people who can check for you. Good luck