I need music for my group exercise classes

. I need customised music for my fitness videos.

The music needs to be combination of drums, claps, clicks, vocals. I don’t want string or wind instruments.

The songs with 32 beat counts can be 3 to 5 minutes long. Can be with chorus and verses, that will help me in cueing for next move during the exercise.

I need the following bpm ranges :

Mobility Pulse Raiser/preparatory stretch: 120-135 bpm

Aerobics build up / cool down : 125 - 130 bpm

Aerobics peak : 135 - 145 bpm

Muscular Strength Endurance / cool down stretch :
110 - 130 bpm

The total workout session lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes.

Thank you


Hi Shabana,
We don’t have much from your list, but I can advise you music for a preparatory stretch or cool down stretch. I play myself that kind music( variation of) for a stretching and bouncing for a modern dance classes as cunningam, laban or counter techniques. May be it is something suitable for you. It is piano only but with a pulse. tempo 116 bpm. If you need more piano stretch let us know.
Good luck with finding right tracks, gr, Masha


for cool Muscular Strength Endurance / cool down stretch I recommend this one:

for the others, I can recommend the portfolio of a great composer @CleanMagicAudio right here:

Best Regards,
Layla from HoneyLoud


For Mobility Pulse Raiser/preparatory stretch:

  • ‘Take it to the Spot’ - tempo 120;
  • ‘Commercial Pop’ - tempo 120;


Hi @Promuslimah,
here my suggestion:
Bpm 127

Bpm 120

Bpm 125

Bpm 146

All music is about 2 min long. If you choose one of them I can make longer version or loop versions.

All the best

Hi Shabana,

Here’s some music for your purposes

Hi @Promuslimah

Good luck!

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