i need justice - why rejected

this is my project and hard rejected whats your idea .

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Looks good to me only that I don’t understand what it dose.

its not a stolen project. the music just sold 9 time . i even cant edit my portfoilio because dont find any page to edit . so bealive it im the author. but what u think why rejected . give me some advise ?

bro . because they hate arabian people

this is the music sold just 9 time and is fresh

no you wrong .

this project is totally mine even google prove: link:videohive.net https://audiojungle.net/item/dubstep-in/22012809?s_rank=28

just use link:website

to understand that its not copy
search this in google :
link:videohive.net https://audiojungle.net/item/dubstep-in/22012809?s_rank=28

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if u think im troll why music is perfectly match with video ? why no project use this music ? why music is fresh and just sold 9 time ?
so i creat all of this project and u cant beleave because u think all people are like yourself . a troll

It is not About arabian, the people here don’t think like so
But The site is heavy uploaded with alot of work like yours my friend

These sites are for high skills people
Skills don’t mean using software or els but means also the imagination and inspiration

but i see some similar project still approved and the idea come from

This market deal with all the nationalities without any difference and very friendly as I told it is because heavy uploading of similar projects

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They are very old my brother

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Keep learning and give your best shot among the others and then give your judgment
“Don’t judge a book from his cover”

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Guys what is the problem here, fairmontvfx is asking for feedback to his slideshow. He has no approved items yet, as this one got rejected.
The sound is used from Audiojungle as it is allowed in videohive items.

It sounds to me as everyone in this thread does not understand each other because of language barriers.

Just provide feedback to the motion graphics piece shown, that is all that is needed here.

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Maybe there are similar in design but not in the message the author want to convey to the audience
As motion graphic is about communication,

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after 8 years in this field in my country but when I enter this market< I keep developing my skills and imagination because our lovely author here have a astonishing skills and don’t forget, we work according to the customers need, and the customers need a high ranked works and results

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thanks bro … how can i edit my portfoilio could u give me some link to avoid some people call me troll after several week hard work

sitting >>> profile and change your details

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