I need invoice for Envato Elements

For 2 days now I am trying to get a invoice for the payment that I did for Envato Element.

Who can help me?

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to check into it for you. Thanks!

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I don’t think that there is ANY forum / address / helpdesk service / social
media channel / … that I didn’t send a message too.

Still no response or solution, though.

Envato customer service: zero points

Hi @jurgen1979


Hello @jurgen1979
The answer and solution is always there.

Requesting your invoice to be resent

  1. Submit a support ticket
  2. Select ‘Invoice and tax’ as your topic
  3. Select ‘I need help to find my invoice’ in ‘Tell us more’
  4. Enter the email address your Envato Elements account is registered with

Unfortunately the invoices are NOT on the “My Subscription” page AND I did
not get any e-mail when I bought te licence …

All I want is that someone just send me the invoice … I don’t understand
that this is so difficult.

Thank you for the response, though.
It feels good that at least someone is trying to help me. Yay!

Hello @jurgen1979

I had a similar problem, but after inquiry in support of all 5+
I am sure that after the request, you will receive the Invoice.

I’ve submitted a support ticket 48 hours ago

Please note that there are two support help

Envato Market envato help market
Envato Elements envato help elements