I need help!

Hello. I had a problem with the Theme “Marine Resort”.

The plugin that makes the template work no longer exists. That’s why the template doesn’t work. It can not be installed.

I need my money refunded as I lost the customer for this reason.

I await urgent resolution.

Thank you very much!

What’s the link to the theme? I don’t see one with that name on the marketplace?

When did you buy the theme?

More info on refunds incl the button at the bottom to request one is here.

Link > Marina - Hotel Resort by nicdark | ThemeForest

I bought the template a month ago.

It is odd as @nicdark is a very experienced and respected author and this item has a near-perfect rating.

What makes you think the plugin no longer exists? The error you mention in the comments does not mean that. If you have the source files for the plugin then you should try manually installing it.

There was a theme update a few days ago - presumably, you are using the latest copy?

I can see you have already commented on the item - support can be slower over weekends but I would be very surprised if the author does not come back soon.

You can request a refund using the link above but I suspect that there is an easy fix to this.

I have to deliver the work first thing Monday morning. Since Friday I can’t move forward on this topic. I did not receive an answer.

The client told me that he will not do it.

The plugin is not installed. Throw an error. And when I try to access the plugin, it tells me that it does not exist.

I attach screenshots.

Use the latest version of the theme.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-05-14 a la(s) 18.25.50

Unfortunately this is something that the author needs to advise on as it is too specific for anyone in these forums to have an answer to.

The item does say (not an obligation) 1 business day to respond, so if you reached out on Friday then that would not be until Monday.

Thanks @charlie4282 for your words. @hernanpaz don’t panic, our support team don’t work on saturday and sunday so you will receive your answer on monday as soon as possible. However don’t worry the theme works fine, otherwise it wouldn’t be for sale on the market. For sure you have an old version of the theme, simply download the last version and you will find all plugins required for the installation in the plugins folder of the theme.

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