I need help with custom links

Hi, im having some problems with the custom links in the main menu.
My home page is a scrolling page and have 5 menu links. 3 of them if you click, page scroll down till that section, everything works good.
If you click in a menu link that goes to another page (Blog or Contáctanos in my web) it works correctly.
The problem is when now from this pages, you click again in menu links (inicio, presentacion or servicios). It comes back to the home page and to that section but we see a bigger screen and some simbol like arrows, plus… are changed.

Let you the link to see the web and test it www.detailsandsoul.com

Anybody can tell me why this happen?

You have cross origin problems and the fonts files are not loading also your custom link are incorrect for example http://www.detailsandsoul.com**/#servicios#servicios**. If you use map you should provide a key otherwise it will not work ( saw error in console ).

How i can provide a key? sorry for question is my first time doing this

You need to generate a Google Maps key from your email with your own settings. Here you can generate one https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

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How i can fix the cross origin problem and the font files? And in my custom link I introduce http://www.detailsandsoul.com/#servicios and thats because works good in home page to scroll down that section. But i dont know why, when I click on menu link from other page the link changed to this http://www.detailsandsoul.com/#servicios#servicios

Can you show the content of your .htaccess file, you have some misconceptions between www.detailsandsoul and without www in detailsandsoul.com.
Your custom link url is wrong modify it from Appearance > Menu, leave only one #servicios this applies for all your custom menu links