I need help with a rating/review from buyer

A buyer contact me and seek my help,But he may not use the Aftereffects,and then he want to send me the logo and make the finished products video .I say it’s need to be paid. then he send some email to threatened me.I did not respond to him。than he give me a lowest rating and a bad comments.These bad things can be deleted it?

by the way the ticket system is not work in china.Verification Code image can not be displayed

hi , this is up to u to see indeed, if u do not help, u pretty much know what’s going to happen don’t you? they will just give u a one star review or something and this is going to hurt your rating despite you do not deserve it, what has already happened to many guys already … (by the way that’s how the rating system is unfair, so many satisfied customers taking no time to leave a feedback and the scarce ones not being happy leave horrible comments and so on very easily … what a lot of guys already complained about this far …). on the other hand, what u mentioned is true, if the customer asks you to do something that is not part of the deal and that u are not supposed to toprovide as legitimate assistance , thus for free, then , this is not fair that u have to get the job done freely … . One of the possibilities is that u don’t help unlike what the guy required, u 'll get the bad review and then try to contact the help center to have it withdrawn explaining why this is blackmail and why this comment was illegitimate … but, if , as u mentioned the ticket thing is not working, then it will probably be difficult to do just that … if really so, i guess that u have no other choice but either accepting to have your rate hurt or to get the job done for no money at all … the world is far from being fair on many occasions indeed. In any event, i hope u can find a fair way out of this situation , good luck buddy :wink: