I need help. Why my project is not accepted?

My project is not accepted and ı want to learn why it is rejected. ı need to ask you for feedback. Do you have any suggesitons? what should ı do to make my project accepted?
How can ı get feedback from the authors
Please help me
Thank you

If you need feedback, you should show your rejected project

Thanks for reply
You tell me that ı should show my project. but how can ı show my project.
should ı send to you? Do you want the AE project or the video?

Upload the preview to youtube and post the link here


Here is the link of my video:

Can you watch and give some advice


The movement is too harsh, camera stops abrupt, etc. Apply more easing to the keyframes.
The whole project is very simple and similar to other projects so it has to be of outstanding quality to get accepted here. I don’t think you will get this accepted even if you work on the smoothness of the motion as this just doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Better to start a new project not as similar to 100s of other projects, because then the competition isn’t as hard and review isn’t so strict. However, you do have to work on that smoothness :slight_smile:

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ı know that my project must be different but there are many similar projects in the site. why my project is not accepted just beacuse of it is similar to other projects? ı couldnt understand this.
can you explain in more detaisl please? do you have any other advice?
Thank you

This likely contributed to the rejection. When submitting projects to saturated categories, it must be exceptional to be considered for approval.

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ı dont understand why other similar projects are accepted but not mine?

In most cases, the majority of those items were accepted over the last several years, leading to the marketplace being saturated to the point where similar projects are no longer accepted.

Again, we do still accept projects like this, but they must be extremely exceptional in quality and execution.

What will be your reccomendations?
What should ı do to make my project different or exceptional?
Can you watch my project and give some adivces?
Thank you

Since authors are ultimately responsible for creating and executing quality projects, we’re unable to provide specific advice on a case-by-case basis.

My best recommendation is to concentrate on categories that aren’t already saturated with similar content.