I need help to make this commercial



After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard?
I must do something wrong and I need your help to figure out what?
Is it the melody? ( the call and response in second part? )
The overall mood?
The sidechain transitions?
The sounds?
Something else?


Bass/ Low end is little overpowered to me. everything else seems fine to me. May be try arranging the track little differently.


Sounds like the bass is playing in interval, which is not a good idea in such low freq.


Thank you both for listening and giving me good feedback. Maybe there was to much going on. When I started to cut in the low and got rid of a bass and a kick I also deleted the hi hat and the snare. Here’s the new track.


I agree with @SonicSounds … I would also change the melodic line… I think it’s too loud… and also would add some brightness to the harmonic part.
Just my opinion…
Good luck! :smiley:




The mix sounds much better now. Good work.


Thank you and thanks for the help