I need help PWA

Hi i am working on my PWA game portal template, in which i added few game which contains index.html and one game have index.php. here i am facing issue with index.php on game, while i am trying to play then it downloading index.php file instead of open game play screen, without PWA integration everything working perfect but while i activate PWA then facing issue only with one game which have index.php file as main file

any solution , i want solve issues before submit in codecanyon

This is usually a misconfiguration on the server.

Webservers will download PHP files by default because they don’t recognize them, but you can usually configure the server with things like mod_php or fastcgi. Shared web hosting will almost always take care of these things for you.

So, what host are you using for the game?

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Thank you , I was using netlify that’s why facing issue. Now on shared hosting it is working fine :slight_smile: thank you thank you

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