I need help on sound effect recording.

I have got moto rode ntg8 mic which is a good shot gun to take spesific sou nds with high quality and natural.
But the system in envato doesnt accept mono, so what is the trick to add that kind of quality sounds. I mean can I save it stereo and envato accepted that?

What? I don’t understand…

Yes, just convert mono recorded sounds to stereo before submit.

Of couse, only that kind of sounds which the point location is enough for and doesn’t need the conceptual importance of stereo panning - like voices or buttons, not like ambiences or 3D movements.

Sorry if misunderstood the question.

You can do the following things:

  1. Make 2 recordings - 1 for every channel then syncronize it
  2. convert mono to stereo
  3. Buy a stereo microphone

Thank you so much. I now Understand how to do it. I will export mono to stereo but before that I will use a stereo plugin for that. Also I can shoot 2 shoots for example, and mix them together and make stereo too. Anyone have an advice for x/y recording better than zoom h6. I saw sony pcm-d100. What do you think about it?