I Need Help: My WordPress Photography Theme has been hard rejected and this keeps me confused

Hi Forum members. Thanks for taking time to read my request. I’ve been trying to get my WordPress photography theme into themeforest but I keep getting hard reject and it’s hard to understand why. I see really lower quality themes get approved daily.

I would be happy to read your design recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Very poor design. Please, get inspire from top sales theme and check behance/dribble.

So many issues https://www.webfulcreations.com/themes/dermatologist/ my theme got hard rejected Reason: i dont know even.

As i recently had a hard reject so what i can suggest you.

Your images are low quality, you have spacing issues, left right spacings should be equal, the top bottom spacing shoould be equal, the white space should be enough to let your design breath well. The typography hierarchy and the visual hierarchy is missing in your design.

Improve your design skills. Read as much as you can about Typography hierarchy, selecing font face, and visual hierarchy. Visibility issues can be seen in some areas of your design.