I need help getting past hard rejection on Audio Jungle

Hello everyone,

I am new to audio jungle and so far I have made 2 submissions and both were given hard rejections. I want to keep pushing to get eventually approved to be a distributor. It was suggested that I check out forums. Here is the last one that I submitted, please let me know your thoughts on it and perhaps what am I missing.


Hello mate,
You need to remove it through Adobe Auditions Software. Its really easy, you just have to watch a basic tutorial and do as it says on Adobe Audition.

it feels quite slow
the bass and kick have to glue a bit mor, right now the subbass is too much
also at start, at 1:52 and 2:20 (it even has a click) it seems too abrupt transitions
in intro the first sound is completely turning off and another one comes
watch out for your automation, is better to have none than have them incorrectly
this needs speed up and more smoothly sounding transitions-automations, a better mix and better mastering

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Thank you. This is very helpful.