I need help from the forum - at least that's what they say

Hi fellow authors,
My track was hard rejected and I cannot find out why. As you know, the curators provide nothing but a broad message and the suggestion of asking for help from the forum. So please…help! What is wrong with my track?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hey there,

What I hear is way too much middle in the rhodes/e-piano. It sounds boxy and intrusive (almost painful to me).
Same with the whistling, it just doesn’t sit in the mix well. Maybe the rhodes/e-piano (soloing at 1:12) should be omitted from the track entirely and leave only the acoustic piano, it sounds much better. Less is more. :wink: And that brings us to the last point, the whole track should be shorter. It’s too repetitive to me.


The musical idea is interesting, but I agree with SixideBeats and I find it too long and too repetitive also. Plus the timing of the instruments is off in some places. (I understand that it’s a jazzy piece with jumpy chords, but it could benefit from more tightness, I think). Good luck next time! :slight_smile:

Hey SixideBeats,
Thank you for the feedback. It is quite useful.
Wish you much success :wink:

Hi Nonzerobot,
Nice to read your comment. It is important for me to have same kind of outside opinion.
Much success :wink:

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Hey! great piece!
Maybe reviewers think its too good for audiojungle :slight_smile:

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Hey nikitsan,
That is a very motivating comment. Thank you.
Wish you much success :wink: