I need help from experts regarding Paypal

Good day to all of you

Actually I’m opening my online business and as I’m new I don’t have a company address ,trade licenses even business bank account.

My question is?

Once I try to open business PayPal account to receive payments on my website

I found a big problem , PayPal ask if you want open business PayPal account it should joined to business bank account

And when I ask about virtual bank account the bank said this is personal account and it has a daily limit and if you use it for business it may force the bank to terminate the contract and cancelled the account

I need any solution from the experts
Please help me

I’m in the USA so I’m not sure if this applies to other countries but I have a PayPal business account opened under my real name, I just put my business name where it asked for it, and my PayPal account is linked to my regular checking account at my bank which is under my real name, not my business.

First of all thanks for your answer bro

I Try to check US virtual account but they said it’s personal account

For business account I think not possible for me cause I don’t have TAX no I’m not resident in states

And my country ask for a trade license and company address to open business account

Which is very silly cause it takes money and a lot of time

I hope for any other solution

Thanks bro for your quick answer

Yea, unfortunately I don’t know how it works in other countries, all I can say is good luck and hopefully someone else can chime in to help you.