I need help for "Webpaint" wordpress theme.



Hi There, I bought the “webpaint” theme, but I need help for its use:

How do I insert the icons with the effect on mouseover that I see in the demo in the section “Our Services”?

It’s possible increase the 'height of the panes in Showcase Portfolio?

I set my home page as a static page with " OnePage Main" , It creates a menu that I can not edit from the control panel of wp . For example I would like to cancel the " Home " voice, it is not needed; the “Blog” voice must send the user to blog page, but now sends a portion of the home page; And, the “contact” voice must send to the footer of the site, as seen in the demo of the theme. How can I make these changes?

Thanks a lot for your help


You should be go to Support section in sale page of this theme and try get help from theme author.


Thankyou for reply. I tried to contact the author, but he didn’t answer yet.


You definitely should ask the author ( how long has it been since you messaged them?).

Having used that theme:

  • the icons are set in the shortcode
  • the portfolio heights can be adjusted but you need to understand code to do this
  • the one page setup is pretty clearly covered in the theme documentation.

Hope that helps


I think you need waiting from 24 hours - 48 hours to get response from their.


I sent the message on Friday, but I haven’t received response. It’s the first time that I buy a premium theme here, so I’m not sure, where do I read the author messages?

I solved some problems with the guidance in the documentation. But I still have some demands. What do I do if the author doesn’t sent respose? Thank you