I need help for "rejected logo design" 48 times

Hello, I submitted about fifty logos and I do not understand why I have been refused so many times.

It’s been 4 years since I posted anything in the logos category on Graphicriver and wanted to know what had changed for the approval of a logo. What can I change to be accepted again?

I tell you about the logos that have been refused:

And this is the preview image


Thanking you in advance for your answers. I’m very confused about that :slight_smile: !

The concept for many of them it is overdone. Probably this is the reason.

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Thank you for your answer, I saw that you gave some advice to someone. And you told this person “You need to create horizontal version and color variations.” Is this a crucial point for approval now? :slight_smile:

From what I know it is ok to include horizontal and vertical versions plus color variations. But currently there are tones of logos already accepted with only one version.

If you read their requirements this rules are not stated very clear. Who knows…

Yes, I looked at this article a lot during my logo creation (which helped me a lot for some things) and to look at the latest submissions.

Maybe I should review my concepts and see what’s best on the site today.

Personally when I choose a concept I search the marketplace first and if the results are on more then 5 pages it is not ok for me.

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hi indeed, no color variation are not indispensable as for i know … horizontal and vertical versions are a colorful version of your logo and a black and white one, as well as an illustrator version are required

now let’s face it , logo are normally not rejected because of preparation reasons … if something is lacking and your item is felt as being good enough , reviewers will , in this case, soft reject and tell u what to fix indeed

i personally agree with @DesignSomething, though some guys still can make it with the kind of type of item you are making, let’s face it this style as been over used (and same goes with themes and concepts that u have here) and this is definitely not super trendy indeed, the trend is more about logos using white spaces and shapes using a shape divided on other ones …
in addition, your typos are super basic indeed, when here u are expected to have a real work about it … whether this is about the choosing of harmonious and original fonts but also to have combinations

Instead of making logos as separate items you can try to create a kit with multiple elements that customers can change it (or rearrange it) to create unique logos. I think this type of products are more salable.

LOL u maybe right when it comes usability … now when it comes to the interest for authors, this is a different story … most of the guys have made this with the kind of “shield-based logos” that are realply trendy for a good while now … the result is that they collect a whole set and sell it and the price of a flyer when a logo is much more expensive than this … so where is the interest?

It is not about only shield based logos. You can create any type of logos as a kit.

I released a year ago my Wedding Logo Design Kit. The price for this is $15 and it contains thousands of logo variations. This product was sold around 3700 times on 4 different marketplaces (I don’t know the exact number of sales because Elements it is a monthly subscription marketplace). I worked 2 weeks to create this products and few more days to update it.

So If I were to create logos as separate items I would not have had such sales.

i understand but anyways, lots of guys are still making single logos and they get approved, so this is not the reason why he got hard rejected …


Thank you for your answers, I take your advice carefully. It is true that I have a lot of problems to find the ideal typo for my logos. I will work on it.

I think I will try to propose chibi style logos. Because apparently it is fashionable and make me my own style to stand out.

Ps : Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

hi indeed u are right at least in the beginning to start on what u feel the most comfortable with this way u can adapt to the place and once u have done move to something maybe more difficult again … :slight_smile:

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I am too rejected since 4 years only 2 logos won Often my logos rejected sometimes rated 1 star 2 star 3 star I am right with you.